I apologize for the lack of updates recently. Check out known issues for more info.

About Rift Source

About Rift Source

I came back to Rift recently to try out what appeared to be an outstanding personal housing system.. And I loved what I found. The system worked great. However, the lack of resources for builders began to frustrate me. It started with trying to find what each projector looked like, as I didn't have the notoriety to try them all out and didn't have the money to buy all of them to test. I couldn't even find pictures. In addition to that, the lists I found for fishing items proved to be somewhat inaccurate.

As a result, my girlfriend and I started to keep an updated list of the fishing items. I realized this would be useful information to everyone, but I wanted to provide a website with a good filter and search system and not just an item list. I had never built a database before, but I decided to give it a shot. A month and a half later, I now have my rough draft of a database. I plan to refine the site in the coming months until I can consider it perfect.

November 6th Update: I apologize for the lack of updates on the site. I've had a lot of stuff come up in life and I haven't had time to work on the site recently. I'd love to find a large block of time and do a large update to everything, but I'm not sure when that will be yet.

Known Issues

* Missing loyalty items
* Slow loading speeds (Shared Hosting.. I would love to move to a Dedicated Host)
* Filter system leaves much to be desired. I intend to overhaul it shortly.
* Poor quest/achievement handling
* No item container handling (Fishing Bags, Loyalty Reward Bags, Kits)
* Lack of fishing information (Specifically: Location of Quest NPCs and Location of Deep/Shallow Water)
* No maps of NPC locations

Found something not on the list? Email me at Admin@Rift-Source.com or use my contact form.